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Logistics App Development Company, Transport App Development Services

The modern world has witnessed a significant reliance on portable technology Most people nowadays prefer to choose their mobile devices or tablets for their work processes Mobiles are also becoming more and more capable… Our client success stories are the best testimony to the excellency of our software support. Ankorstore is changing the way independent brands and retailers work together. Today we are proud to be a part of the highly technical and very successful SaaS solution.

Get the best order processing apps for managing your orders, check the order status, and ensure that all orders are fulfilled with a powerful order management system. We help brands ship their orders seamlessly and everywhere by partnering with the most relevant logistics partners. We help retailers by respecting the promised delivery date, decreasing click-to-order lead times, securing inventory and making sure the products come in perfect condition. Handling and managing more than 50,000 available vehicles of its clients.

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In the last few years, the sphere of trucking and logistics has undergone incredible transformations under the influence of modern technologies. Companies in the industry collect and scrutinize an enormous amount of diverse data, that is why computers, smart devices, web services and logistics app development have become indispensable in their work. The solution is logistics mobile app development that makes the work across all departments visible and predictable. Strategy & Digitalization, Production Logistics is a new function responsible to drive the strategy, digitalization, sustainability while support the group within the strategic ambitions of developing new service offers. The logistics sustainability developer will be responsible for vision and sustainability roadmap.

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Have you ever faced a situation when your freight brokers spend too much time checking the load board, your driver’s truck is broken at the mid-way point to a warehouse, while some of your truckers drive empty? Such situations occur because the logistics business is very segmented and consists of several departments Logistics Software Development – warehouses, fleet, and delivery management. Also, the absence of visibility across logistics departments results in profit loss due to empty miles. In its empty miles research, FreighWaves said on average fleets drive 20% of empty miles or so-called deadhead trips, which reduce logistics businesses’ income.

It’s actually a requirement to work here – you need to be passionate about making things better for our business, our people and our planet. We understand that every client has different needs, and they require complete flexibility. Keeping that in mind, we offer three custom engagement models to hire dedicated logistics programmers from us.

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If you are not selected for the job you will get notified as soon as possible. You can choose for us to keep your resume in our database and activate a search agent that will look for other jobs that match your profile. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted with information about when and who you are meeting and if you need to prepare anything. Further steps can include technical tests, assessment tests and references.

  • Delivering excellent service by optimizing shipments across global networks through effective transportation planning and execution.
  • Independent retailers struggle with inventory management and reliable delivery while brands prefer to focus on marketing and product.
  • Mobile solutions for warehouse management with built-in databases and barcode scanning features improve freight dispatching, while the delivery scheduling function gives you the option to choose the best way beforehand.
  • Salvaged Vehicles Marketplace – a solution for managing and re-marketing salvaged vehicles at a European online auction The auction connects Europe’s largest selection of salvaged vehicles with thousands of buyers…
  • Once you select the best mobile developers, you need to get in touch with their sales representatives, usually via the website’s contact form.
  • Our team takes care of everything – from recommending the best technology to maintaining the app.

In a nutshell, you can leverage mobile technologies to automate routine tasks, manage dispatched inventory in real-time, and provide visibility across all departments, thus decreasing empty miles and increasing profit. After reading this guide, you will be aware of the essential logistics app types and how to develop a logistics app for your business. We need you have a strong interest and holistic perspective on how we can transform our today’s transportation system by driving GHG reduction exploration and identifying relevant solutions to be introduced. You have the will and confidence to drive conceptual changes with senior management. Provides flexibility for clients with dynamic tasks and ongoing projects requiring experienced developers for as long as needed.

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As you may already understand, it is pretty hard to make a logistics app as positioning, maps display, tracking, payments, chats, accounting processes and data storage should be implemented. If you are choosing logistics app development company contact us and we will provide you with a high-quality application tailored to all of your requirements and needs. Custom app development for transport companies is essential to digitally manage their fleet, documents, and enable swift interchange of goods across borders. AI-enabled logistics apps help to streamline the workflow and enable the conversion of data into valuable insights.

If you are considering logistic mobile app development and still have questions, we are always here to help. A rough estimate of the app’s cost is not the final cost of your project because there are many tech details and requirements to be clarified. Thus, avoid companies who claim to develop a comprehensive logistics app for ridiculously low costs.

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To develop an outstanding mobile app for your logistics business, follow the steps we have described in this guide. At BoTree Technologies, we have a team of transport app developers who offer dynamic app development for transport and logistics companies. Our team takes care of everything – from recommending the best technology to maintaining the app.

You can achieve more coordinated shipment and accurately predict the vehicle’s dispatch time by an integrated GPS tracking feature to a driver’s logistics app. Logistics mobile apps provide instant access to a company’s database with freight accompanying documents, avoiding inconvenient paper order forms and service orders. To make your logistics company work properly without losing income, you need to manage warehouses, ensure maximum truckloads, and track driver locations, while providing ultimate transparency across all departments. We build cost-effective logistics web applications to help companies manage their logistics & transportation through a centralized system. Track your inventory, ensure that all goods are available, monitor restocking and inventory levels with robust & scalable ai-enabled warehouse management applications. With decades of experience in retail and building marketplaces, the Ankorstore founding team knew it was time to create a global wholesale solution to swing the balance in favor of independents.

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As one of the top supply chain companies for dynamic apps, we build logistics management systems that offer complete supply chain management from vendors to retailers. Data exchange is a key process that allows logistics and transportation companies to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other and connect with new partners. We provide logistics software development to achieve high-level visibility, security, and control.

We put all our experience in the SaaS business into this tool and helped our customers with MVP planning to keep it as cheap as possible and at the same time implement the most attractive features. At this stage, your goal is to consider not only technical expertise but also communication between the team and yourself as the client. While there are hundreds of thousands of good developers, the project’s success directly depends on excellent communication among team members where soft skills are essential.

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Our transport app programmers deliver prototypes and design the application using the best practices and latest technologies and tools. We work with Ruby on Rails, Python, React and other tech stacks to deliver high-quality solutions. Our experts understand your requirements and follow the best practices that help in launching the prototype for your logistics system within a couple of weeks. Achieve complete maintenance and support for your existing or new logistics application – from migration to new version releases, we provide everything.


At the end of each iteration, the team will send you the report, and each month they will conduct a demonstration to show you a ready-made part of the app. At the end of the discovery phase, the team will run a demonstration of the app’s prototype, send you the project specification, prototype, final estimate, and wait for your feedback. Determine the best way to fulfill transportation needs, from simple point-to-point to complex multi-modal, multi-leg, and cross-dock operations to determine the best routing options optimizing rapid delivery and cost. Salvaged Vehicles Marketplace – a solution for managing and re-marketing salvaged vehicles at a European online auction The auction connects Europe’s largest selection of salvaged vehicles with thousands of buyers…

The task management application is a time reporting tool supporting all the business processes Any user can easily utilize the app without an overhead of technical details and simply authorize via Google Apps In… We are a leading logistics application development company for high-quality real-time logistics industries solutions to always stay aware of your goods in transit. Logistics app developers ensure that your company manages its fleet of vehicles with ease and achieve swift transportation in different regions. https://globalcloudteam.com/ We build high-standard cloud solutions that help logistics companies access the system outside the office and flexibly use computational resources. Changing simple data storages to bigdata helps to better store information coming from GPS trackers, customers, drivers, vehicles and reduce data processing latency. During this period, your development team will come up with questions concerning the app’s business logic, functions, end-users, and the way they interact with the app, to create a project specification.

Mobile solutions for warehouse management with built-in databases and barcode scanning features improve freight dispatching, while the delivery scheduling function gives you the option to choose the best way beforehand. The demand for delivery services is continuously growing, and customer expectations are higher than ever before At every level, the competition in the shipping, transportation, and logistics industry is… We offer the best data analytics solutions for your logistics and transportation needs to ensure that you make real-time decisions with the right information. Manage all your vehicles from the fleet at one place by getting a dynamic vehicle management system that helps with transportation management software and vehicle allocation. We build custom navigation software to enhance vehicle tracking and location identification, as well as air, land and marine navigation.

We offer logistics app development services that allow for real-time tracking of shipment to ensure timely delivery. If you have an excessive fleet, you need to track the information about each vehicle and maintain them in time. A fleet management app will help you to record, manage, and store all the information about your trucks. With such transport logistics software, you can track vehicle maintenance history, service costs, fuel consumption trends, and other essential metrics to give you deep insights into your total cost of ownership.

A project specification, or technical documentation, is a document that describes project goals, all possible ways users will interact with the app , what the app will do in each case, the list of technologies, and architecture. On-demand delivery logistics apps connect company-owned vehicle drivers and shippers who need their cargo to be delivered. Thus, the app consists of a carrier app, shipper app, and an Admin panel.

Our team offers complete logistics and transport mobile application development to ensure that movement can be managed via mobile devices. We provide a wide range of transport app development services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our team has the best-in-class expertise and experience to deliver services that will fulfill all your logistics needs. Independent retailers struggle with inventory management and reliable delivery while brands prefer to focus on marketing and product. Our mission is to delight our customers by creating an amazing product and delivery experience. Heavy Haul Route is another mobile app we developed for the logistics segment.

Once you select the best mobile developers, you need to get in touch with their sales representatives, usually via the website’s contact form. Thanks to fleet management mobile solutions, you can schedule freight delivery, predict fuel expenses, and reduce empty miles. Ensure capacity to fulfill orders and shipments with an integrated approach to managing owned assets and third-party providers, resulting in on-time shipments, reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction. This model is suitable for clients who don’t have a clear roadmap about the amount of work. The pricing is determined based on the man-hours required to complete the project, i.e. hourly charging.

Vehicles do not always drive fully loaded, and if your drivers have extra space in their trucks, they can take some extra fright for the delivery. If you want to increase the income of your logistics company, consider shipping on-demand mobile app development. We often meet customers who ask us to give an estimated cost of the logistics app development without knowing the app’s type or its main components and features, which makes the estimation impossible. Thus, before getting in touch with mobile developers, you need to select the app’s type.

Initially, the client needed a route planning app for long-haul truck drivers that offered the best route, and reduction in fuel expenses, to avoid getting off-route tickets and hitting bridges. Apart from coding, the client also needed a team to create the app’s design. Seamlessly manage sustainable transportation, global trade, and distribution processes to maximize perfect order fulfillment, minimize logistics costs while adapting to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain. As one of the top logistics app development companies, we conduct through testing of the solution before releasing the final version. We ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the application during the launch. Once your request is answered, a sales manager will schedule a call to receive more information on the project.

We create custom supply chain management software for each step of the process from inventory management to order fulfillment and everything in between. A Fixed Price model occurs when you provide detailed project specifications, and BoTree commits to provide developers to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller, highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP), but is not well suited for agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress. Our team collects your requirements, ideas, and expectations for custom app development for logistics. We identify from the beginning what features need to be added to make logistics app development seamless.

They founded Ankorstore in 2019 with the goal of creating an ecosystem that enables independent shops and brands to thrive. We gained much experience in software development for the transportation field for the last 17 years and today this knowledge is at your service. When referring to logistics flows, we are talking about the movement and direction of certain goods, parcels, packages, items, or information within a supply chain network.